2018 Dennis Murphy Invitational Masters Pool

2018 Round #1 winner - FrenchyFuqua1

This is FrenchyFuqua and the Moonglows accepting the much deserved victory! Looking forward to day 2.

2017 DMIMP Champion - The Toffees


Part Uno

Hi everyone, It was a good final day for the Toffee's. Casey and Rory finishing wells.........

Sorry my 3 year old just pressed send!

Casey and Rory finishing well helped but the kicker was Fowler shooting 76 - thanks Ricky. It went down to the final holes and I don't think we took the lead until Fowler's missed par putt on 16.

I say we as The Toffee's is a joint team put in by myself and Andrew Green. Every year (since about 07??) we (Rich Williams) put in our own individual teams and a joint one. I have never even sniffed victory but pretty sure Greeny has had a couple of round wins and an overall 2nd so obviously I just let him choose the team and give him $12.50....sometimes.

Greeny is in York, UK where I am from originally and I am in San Jose, CA. Greeny still doesn't know we won as he went to bed before the round ended. I was originally introduced to the pool by a big American Football dude called Ryan Brown back in CT who went to Middlebury if anyone knows him...? Don't think he is in the pool this year??

Anyone thanks to Matt and The Commish, Dennis Murphy et al. Every year the pool adds a little extra spice to my favorite sporting weekend of the year. Hopefully, much like the Masters itself, a win for the Toffee's signals a period of European domination of the DMI.....unless the Commish goes all Trumpian on us and starts demanding citizenship papers to enter.

Also btw if anyone was wondering, which you probably weren't, the Toffee's is the nickname of mine and Greeny's favorite EPL football (soccer) team, Everton. The last time Everton won anything was 1995 and I was 15 and Greeny was 14 so this in some way makes up for 22 years of hurt and counting.

Until next year...

Rich and Andrew ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Part Deuce

Good Morning from York!!

I can only second what rich has put. Every year this pool adds something else to what is already one of my favourite sporting weekends of the year! So a massive thanks to all the guys who run it! Matt ur live leaderboard and quick response to the plea for help at the beginning of the week was nothing short excellence!

I have had a couple of round wins in the past and came very close to the whole thing a couple of years ago! But this is a sweet victory made sweeter by sharing it with my best pal (Rich Williams)! Hopefully we will put it to good use by spending it on my stag do (Bachelor Party)! As Rich is to be the best man at my wedding next year! A weekend golfing with the lads in Portugal! ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿฟโ›ณ๏ธ๐Ÿพ

Thanks again to all!

The Toffees!

Round #3 winner - Irwin's Team 2

This is I would say my fourth year in the dmi. I feel very lucky after round three that the hard work of Matt Williamson made this thing happen at all, big shout out to him! Predictions for tomorrow Spieth comes out firing but lesbian Owen Wilson (Hoffman) bounces back and takes home the Green Jacket. Haven't had the pleasure to meet Paul Jones and was introduced to the dmi through a fantasy baseball league I was in. Good luck in the final round everyone!

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Round #2 winner - smallrocks

I believe that this is my 4th year with DMI my 2nd year the team I put together had an unbelievable comeback from 20th place to 1st on Sunday. I'm very happy to say I have rebounded well from a terrible showing last year where I was obviously was too distracted by my career as a consultant in physician staffing... So I quit that job, moved to Colorado with my fiancรฉ Tiffany, where we've now just welcomed the newest addition to our family, a beautiful baby girl, Isabella! Started my own golf clothing and retail wholesale company... www.smallrocks.net (harmless plug) photography, wall art, shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, etc. . . And so much more to come!!! Please Like and share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram... Please email or call me if you would like to hear more about it!

So I'm literally riding an emotional high on so many different levels of amazing! Or maybe it's just lack of oxygen from the altitude or maybe it's just the lack of sleep...

I feel that this weekend is going to be a shoot out between the very best the game has to offer! (R.I.P. D.J.'s Masters chances Tiger's career and of course, Arnie You will be missed) So it'll be super close and no real runaway leader, ultimately I think it'll come down to a 4 man playoff on Sunday evening, with my man Jordan Speith coming away with the win! This could be his redemption and what momentum boost he needs to take back the #1 ranking and more tour /major tournament victories in 2017!

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Paul P Jones but I am greatful for Nick Pizzi's introduction to a yearly event that has been an absolute honor to be apart of. (Even if the homepage glitched after play concluded and I thought my day of climbing the leaderboard and another victory in my grasp was taken by an unbelievable -14 !!).

All the best,

David Galbato

Round #1 winner - Albany North

Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper about to become The DMIMP Round 1 champion. It looks like a miracl...It's in the hole!

Truly a miracle. After year of donations (last years team name was "My Annual Donation") and not sniffing victory this feels good. Spent less time thinking about my picks this year than any past years.

Albany North