2018 Dennis Murphy Invitational Masters Pool

$25 entry. Mark PayPal as PERSONAL, so they don’t ding me a $1. GET YOUR PAYMENT IN THE SECOND YOU SUBMIT YOUR TEAM. I can’t tell you how annoying it is for the COMMISH to be hunting down entries in MAY. YES, MAY, IT HAPPENS!!!

The rules, same as last year:

  1. You pick 6 golfers and list them in the order that you think they will finish in the tournament.
  2. In Rounds 1 and 2 all 6 golfers' (cumulative) scores count for your total. The lowest score wins, you can pick ANY 6 golfers.
  3. In Rounds 3 and 4 only your best 5 golfers' scores count.
  4. If one of your golfers is cut you multiple their R2 score by 1.5 to determine their R3 score and double it (2x) for the golfer's R4 score (for example a cut player with a +12 after R2 would be a +18 for R3 and +24 for R4).
    Note: This will not factor in for the overall champion but is useful in determining winners for side wagers.
  5. IMPORTANT- TIES are broken via a head-to-head comparison of your golfers by the order that you list them (Team A Golfer 1 vs. Team B Golfer 1, still tied, Team A Golfer 2 vs. Team B Golfer 2 etc.)
    For example if Player A and B are tied and A has the golfers in the order of (1)Mickelson, (2)Woods… and B has (1) Woods, (2) Mickelson… and Wood's final score is -2 and Mickelson posts a +1 then Player B wins since he listed Woods before Mickelson.
  6. The entry fee is $25, Payout is approximately 20% for R1, R2, R3 and 40% for R4. Send $25 via PayPal to - important, MARK AS PERSONAL, so you don't get charged the service fee!!! If you don't have your PayPal set up right to not get charged the service fee, send $26.